Meme orange
Meme Orange is a main character in the Lime Yours series. He is a joking and mysterious fruit, and is close friends with Anxiety Lime, President Apple, and Positivity Lemon.

Meme Orange rarely attends classes, and when he does, he seems distant and bored. Despite this, it has been said by his teachers that he is extremely intelligent when he wants to be. This surfaces in his skills with computers, as he is a self-proclaimed "pro-hacker".

Little is known about his home and family life, even by his closest friends. He lives alone in a small apartment that consists mainly of computer equipment and junk food.

Meme Orange is easily the most mysterious out of the main cast, and it is often hinted at that he has a strange or scarring past, leading to some emotional instability that sometimes surfaces. He often covers these emotions with jokes and memes. He is a self-proclaimed "memelord", and often teases other fruits.

Meme Orange has an extreme fondness for cats, despite not actually having one. He is known to be overbearing and affectionate towards them, often referred to as "torture" by his friends, especially President Apple.

President Apple and Meme Orange have very contrasting personalities, and President Apple spends a lot of time trying to get Meme Orange to come to class, and behave more properly.

Meme Orange, similarly to Positivity Lemon, is fiercely protective of Anxiety Lime, and gets very defensive during his panic attacks or moments of stress. However, Anxiety Lime is not immune to Meme Orange's teasing, which is always good-natured and fun.

Meme Orange is based off of 707 from Mystic Messenger