Anxiety Lime
Anxiety Lime (Ki) Is the main character of the comic Lime Yours. He suffers from an anxiety disorder, and often experiences panic attacks.He has extremely low self -esteem, and believes he is not worthy of his friends or boyfriend. He is close friends with Meme Orange and President Apple, and is dating Positivity Lemon. This limited group of fruits are the only people he feels safe around, and are the only ones he feels he can talk to freely.

All of his friends are very protective of Anxiety Lime, and know he tends to need lots of support from those close to him. Positivity Lemon, who is usually kind and friendly to everyone, even becomes angry when someone makes Anxiety Lime uncomfortable. Anxiety Lime is very grateful to his friends for their support, even though being protected sometimes makes him feel embarrassed.

Anxiety Lime is an accomplished artist. when he is making art, it is one of the few times he feels truly relaxed and happy. He is a fan of comics and animated shows, which first sparked his interest in art. He has even managed to turn his boyfriend into a fan of comics.

He currently shares a school dorm room with Positivity Lemon, which is how they met. The two seemed like polar opp